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    Why to choose sash windows for your home

    The sash windows are a form of window that in reality is akin to what is also called, in the jargon a sliding window. Or, finally, a boat window, but it is important to know how it works so that you can choose the materials, but also to determine whether or not it is a window that would suit you or if it does not enter Harmony with your way of living and doing.  The skilled professionals know how important it can be to have all the keys before embarking on such an adventure, so today we are going to tell you everything about the guillotine window.

    The windows have become so powerful that we owe them a lot in terms of comfort at home. Thanks to them, we take advantage of wide openings without fear of cold or overheating. To choose your windows, start by determining your needs: summer and winter comfort, anti-noise, security, ventilation, there are as many windows as situations. Here are some trends and landmarks for choosing your new windows.

    A new window changes everything at home: the thermal comfort, the aesthetics of the room but also acoustics and ventilation. When choosing your carpentry, ask yourself the right questions: what is the orientation of the bay? Is street noise a problem? Do you have particular constraints (condominium, ABF area)? What budget can you devote to the project? Which material would fit best into the aesthetics of the house: aluminum, wood, PVC? Finally, it is absolutely necessary that the installation is up to the height, the choice of the installer is therefore decisive.

    My windows, room by room

    Do not look for standard equipment that fits anywhere, instead choose a window that is appropriate for the room, the orientation of the bay, and your lifestyle. For the bathroom, preserve privacy with frosted glass or an integrated blind. If there is mechanical ventilation in the room, do not install a ventilation grill on the window, this will disturb the airflow.

    For the room, think of coupling traditional opening and tilt and turn opening. You will be able, in the heart of the summer, to sleep the window open safely.  In the kitchen, especially if it is small, the opening can be troublesome, especially over the sink. Opt for a sliding window (one panel slides behind the other) or, more rare but superb, a sash windows.

    Finally, if you have a high ceiling height and windows out of reach, do not hesitate to motorize them. The system is not reserved for roof windows. If the window is facing a noisy street, install an acoustic glazing (two glasses of different thicknesses, one of which is laminated) and insist on a complete removal, which consists in completely removing the old window. The waterproofing is thus redone and the sound no longer passes.