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    Do You Get 2k18 Locker Codes When You Pre-Order?

    Your pre-ordered game doesn’t include 2K18 locker codes. Nonetheless, you’ll still get many treats, both digital content and physical items. Best of all, you get to play the game on September 15, four days before everyone else who didn’t pre-order.

    The items you get would vary depending on the edition you pre-ordered. We feature what you can expect to receive. However, take note physical items are not available for digital versions of the Legend Edition and the Legend Edition Gold.

    What You Get with the Pre-Order Standard Edition Game

    Although it’s called the standard edition, you’ll find nothing ordinary about the latest NBA2K18. It includes 5,000 VCs. You can use these to upgrade your player attributes. To collect them you’ll need to do a few tasks in the game. You can also use locker codes to redeem them.

    2K18 locker codes

    Pay attention to the game brand 2K Sports’ social media channels where they often distribute the codes. Alternatively, you can use a reputable online generator. The standard edition also includes 10 MyTeam packs weekly.

    What You Get in the Pre-Order Legends Edition

    This time around, you get 100,000 VCs on top of 20 weekly MyTeam Packs. Moreover, it gives you access to tons of downloadable content. Basketball legend Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal headlines the Legends Edition. Once you redeem your VCs with locker codes, use it to get Shaq’s attack shoes or his rookie jersey. O’Neal is equally excited for the release and hopes his fans enjoy recreating his legendary moments in the game.

    If you preorder the game, you’ll be able to play ahead of everyone else on September 15. Best of all, you can continue your progress once the official release takes place.

    What You Get in the Pre-Order Legend Gold Edition

    The NBA2k18 Legend Gold Edition surpasses the standard and legends editions’ features. Indeed, it includes 250,000 VCs and 40 MyTeam Packs. You also get access to additional MyPlayer items like a Shaq nickname jersey as well as Shaq Championship ring. Like the Legends Edition, you can play the game four days ahead of everyone if you pre-order.

    Log in once a week to MyTEAM mode to access your complimentary packs. Don’t worry about missing a week, you’ll still be able to get what you’re entitled to. These are only some of the features to look forward to when NBA2K18 releases the three editions. Rest assured, you can expect more as the franchise isn’t about to spill all their secrets beforehand.