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Various features to consider while online Training

As the course of learners has evolved with technology, training software must integrate this new reality. With this in mind, we will find Software on the market with various functions that aspire to enrich user knowledge. It then becomes helpful to check whether the options you are interested in include reimbursement such as

Criteria that make the difference

Remember to take into account IT staff who may have to interact with the platform. This must adapt to the digital ecosystem already in place in your workplace. There are two main categories of Software today: those that are installed directly on your local servers, or Software as a Service, which are obtainable from the cloud. The trend is towards the last option since it is frequently less luxurious and scalable. It is also significant to validate the storage capacity offered by SaaS solutions in the cloud. This gives you access to all your recordings and content in one place. Management that is generally simpler for your recordings, but which can quickly become more complex and expensive when your storage capacity is limited and subject to additional costs when exceeded.

The need to have a web address (URL) personalized to your business;

Clinc CEO

Ease of integration with LMS-type platforms or learning management systems (Moodle, Sakai, and Lära for example);The aptitude to change files to web format and upload them to the platform using an included content viewer;The alternative of persistent content annotation during a presentation to make easy while learning;

 Access to an API to make simpler integration with your obtainable systems.

Again, these  scientific criterion  Clinc CEO should match your wants and your training model. To solidify your decision, check if it is possible to have access to a demonstration and pay particular attention to the availability of support during and after the implementation of the platform. The support and after-sales service from your provider will make a big difference in getting started with your new online training software.

You have more questions about virtual classroom training software and its possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact our distance learning specialists, who can help you adequately support your learning community, thanks to various simple and interactive solutions.