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Some best tips for Tik-Tok

At the amazing app Tik-Tok, you can make different types of videos and record them. There are some features like adjusting speed, turn on the beauty effect, TikTok filters, and many more features. You can upload many photos and videos and then edit or share them. There is an inbox option also where you can check all your previous videos and you can edit as well by adding comments and mentioning people. There is an envelope option in the corner where you can get to see your private messages with your friends and family.

Tips for TikTok

TikTok Filters

When you install the application follow some of the users and for that when you watch any video then at the left side you can see the creator. If you like their videos and want to follow them then there is a bubble photo long-press the + sign and it’s done. And by following them you can easily see their all latest posts over there.

How can you hide or see less of certain videos?

If you don’t like something on the TikTok and want to see fewer posts then you can label one as not interested. By long pressing the video a menu will become on the screen select the option of not interested and done!

How you can duet a TikTok video?

The app has many amazing options like this one, you can make a duet video also there. The TikTok filters are used by many people and the same you can use to duet a video. First, find the video and then tap the share button, this button will be visible if the creator has given permission. Now tap the duet option and start your video after that you can edit it. Repeat this thing at least 4 times and tap the next button adjust your preferences over there. Whether you want it to be private or public it’s up to you and then post it.

How can you find your Facebook friends on the TikTok app?

It is really easy and people always love to connect with their older friends. And Facebook is the best platform where you can connect with your friends easily. So for that first go to Me from the menu and then tap the add person option and click find Facebook friends. Then your all friends on Facebook will be visible.