Tackle a Sexual Predator

How to Tackle a Sexual Predator When He Tries To Attack You?

Being a woman is definitely not easy and thanks to all the poop minded people out there who make it worse. Nobody is safe today, but women and children are the ones who get subjected to sexual abuse the most. In some areas of the world, women feel so unsafe that they do not step out of their house and compromise on things they want to do in life. Well, even if you just stay at home, there’s no guarantee that you’re completely safe and nevertheless, nobody should live in fear like that. Carrying a women’s pepper spray which comes in various sizes and shapes is one of the best self protection tools you can have.

So, you’re walking down the street and you feel someone is following you, there are a bunch of things you can do to avoid this situation. You can avoid walking alone in shady areas and always be alert. However, what if something happens and a sexual predator tries to attack you before you could do anything? Here are a few things that you need to know in order to tackle a sexual predator and defend yourself:

Use a women’s pepper spray

Avoid Confrontation

You never know if the attacker has got a gun or a knife to threaten you and make you do what he wants. So, try to run away and hide somewhere safe. Once you think he cannot see you anymore, run to the nearest public place.

If attacked from the front

If an attacker comes forward to grab you face to face, go for his eyes first. Use a women’s pepper spray or use your fingers and nails to poke his eyes and scratch his face. Try to punch his nose and then hold him by the shoulders and kick hard in his groin area. Once you do this, try to run away into a safe place where you are surrounded by people and inform a friend to come down to be with you.

If attacked from behind

If somebody tries to grab you from behind, do not panic and try to escape by pulling yourself away. This may not work if the man is stronger than you physically and you will get hurt even more. Try to push his hands to your collarbone and then kick his feet with your sandals. Wearing high heels can be really helpful in such situations since they can hurt the predator’s feet real bad.