How to let go of something important and of great value

You have just been through a rough divorce and you want to sell a diamond encrusted ring that was given to you by your ex-husband, how do you go through all the process of grieving while letting go of something that was once so precious to you? In times like these, you’ll need to ask for opinions regarding the ring and its value or worth. You don’t want to find out after you have sold it that it actually is worth than the money that you have already pocketed.

If you ever face this kind of problem, you will need an unbiased opinion from an appraiser; preferably someone that neither buys nor sells diamonds so that you can be sure. He or she can give you their opinions regarding the stone’s characteristics and inform you the positive and negative attributes that can greatly affect its value. So sit tight and read on to know more about this priceless stone.

Understanding exactly what you have

As mentioned above, consider asking for a professional opinion from an appraiser that doesn’t buy nor sell diamonds. In that way, you can be sure that they are giving you their honest two cents. You’ll need to know a lot of things first like for example if the stone is man-made or a real diamond. There are a lot of facts that can attribute to its quality so you have to make sure that you receive the worth of that diamond once you sell it.

Do not expect too much

A lot of these diamonds may worth millions but you won’t know for sure if it isn’t examined first. Do not set highly unrealistic expectations because you will just disappoint yourself in the end. In order for you to be sure, ask for an honest opinion by a professional so that you’ll know it’s worth and then that’s when you decide if you want to sell it or not. You must know how much it would cost if you sell it in the market. They should be updated with the latest market trends in order to give you a fair price or value.

Emotionally ready to sell is the best way to let go

Understandably, the emotions that you will be having once you’re set to sell it will be something that only you can understand so you have to be open to it. Make peace with the fact that you will now have to let go. Diamonds are priceless but in today’s world, it is something that a person can show off. Even if you only wanted to keep it, it’s more practical to keep a food on your table than keeping it and starving yourself.

Selling things that are valuable to you is something that no one wants to experience but of course, due to circumstances that nobody can control, that time will always come up. It is up to you if you are ready or not. And if you have already made up your mind that you want to sell it and get it over and done with, make sure that you at least get what it is supposedly worth so you don’t have to leave that priceless piece with a broken heart.