How to choose the right store flooring and sports flooring

 Making a decision about what type of flooring suits your store is not an easy task. Different floor types meet different requirements. Some withstand water and give protection from sliding down, others may be super smooth and can be slippery. The kind of flooring that you choose depends upon the place that you are fitting the flooring to.

For example, for kids zone you can install vibrant colours and designs since children get fascinated towards them. While sticking to a single design to the whole store, you can distinguish them with partial designs for each department.

Also, thick and durable flooring is advisable in areas of heavy traffic like entrances and exits. The places where product displays, way findings are kept should have an ideal flooring to help customers reach from place to another with ease. Some flooring types that can be considered are luxury vinyl, linoleum, hardwood and eco flooring.

Sport flooring – how to go about it?

As far as sport flooring is considered, the top most priority has to be given to protection. Different types of floors are used for each sport. A keen of observation of athletics and Olympics will make you understand this. As sports are physically demanding, the flooring has to ensure 100% protection from injuries. Sports flooring also has to be given special care to provide shock absorption and well fitting floor to each sport type.

Indoor sports: For volley ball and basket ball hardwood can be used. For field houses of other sports rubber flooring will be beneficial.

Outdoor sports: Outdoor sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, foot ball etc require their own playing surface. The two most used surfaces are track and field services and artificial turf.

A clear understanding of the above information gives a detailed picture of various kinds of flooring used for various purposes.


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