Hollow body Electric guitar

A hollow-body electric is also termed as a semi acoustic guitar. It is a type of electric guitar that is originated in 1930s. It has a sound box and one or more electric pickups. This is not equally the same as an acoustic-electric guitar. It means it is an acoustic guitar. In addition to this, amplification is added by either the manufacturer or the player.

Let’s discuss in detail about Hollow body electric guitar;

Semi acoustic guitar: Importance of Hollow body electric guitars:

These guitars have a large and deep bodies made up of glued-together sheets or plates of wood. They can be played at the same volume similar to an acoustic guitar. They are qualified as electric guitars. It is as much as they have fitted pickups. These hollow body electric guitars instrument originated during the Jazz Age in the 1920s and 1930s. These guitars are still considered the classic jazz guitar. In short it is named as jazz box. It presents like semi-acoustic guitars. They have f-shaped sound holes. Sometimes it looks like a just neck pickup and it usually strung heavily. Such that these jazz boxes are noted for their warm rich tone.

There is also a variation in single-coil pickups. It has a distinct biting tone that is more than the classic jazz box. There is a term called Arch top and it refers to a method of construction. It is different from the typical acoustic guitar. The arch top is formed from a moderately thick one inch or two to three cm piece of wood. It is then carved into a thin two to three mm domed shape whereas there are conventional acoustic guitars that have a thin and flat top. Its usage is purely to modify the sound transmitted to the pickups and is still intended as a purely electric instrument because of their weak acoustic sound.