selection of meditation pillows

Finding inner peace comfortably

Meditation is a good form of stress relief as well as it can also be a journey to that all elusive self-discovery and inner peace. Meditation has a lot of positive effects to one’s body such as of course, stress relief, since of course, one is clearing his or her mind from every negative thought. Not only does meditation relieve stress though, it can also help in improving one’s concentration since the mind is clear of thought. Meditation can also lead to an improvement of health with a healthy lifestyle and also happiness since one is clear of negative thoughts.

Finding inner peace

One thing about meditation though is that it requires a lot of time sitting cross-legged which will be very uncomfortable if you’re not seated correctly or with proper cushioning, which leads us to the importance of a meditation pillow. These pillows will provide you with all the comfort you need to help you find your way to self-awareness and self-discovery. But with all other products, there are choices to be made and these choices might be difficult to make. One Minded Dharma will help you narrow down these choices with their favourite recommendations out of all the choices out there.

Form or function?

As with all other things, you are torn between choosing between form over function. While one pillow might be very comfortable, it’s really not your style, or if you have found a pillow wherein you like the design but it isn’t really that comfortable, this is where the problem of choosing comes in but why trouble yourself when you can have both form and function in one pillow. The choices from One Minded Dharma offer you a selection of meditation pillows that are both beautiful to look at as well as very ergonomic.

You can have pillows with embroidered uplifting messages or with intricate mandala designs to choose from, all made with high quality materials that will last a long time and will provide you with all the comfort you need to achieve a state of Zen.

Going organic

If you have a thing for everything organic, worry not since there are pillows that are made from 100% organic materials, you even have the option to fill them with buckwheat instead of cotton! A lot of people actually prefer buckwheat since it retains the shape of the pillow for much longer as compared to cotton, but of course to each their own. Get in touch with nature and yourself with some of the best organic pillows that are definitely made for meditation.

Reaching Nirvana is easier said than done. Clearing one’s mind can be quite hard to do with all the external distractions, even the slightest ones such as sitting in an uncomfortable position can distract one’s mind and concentration. Finding a meditation cushion that works best for you is imperative in minimizing distractions as well as of course, providing comfort for those long hours of sitting and contemplating.