upgraded standard washer

Fender washers: an upgraded standard washer

Among the varieties of washers, fender washer is quite similar to the standard washer. As all we know, for different purposes, a specific washer should be used. For example, if you want to place a washer in a wet place rubber washer is the best option for that. Similarly, there are also other types of washers for different situations. The basic design of a standard washer is a circular flat ring. Thin and flat round shaped equipment made of metal or rubber, plastic, nylon or other synthetic materials. It has a central hole. The outer diameter is twice of the inner diameter. Most of the washers follow this basic structure. One of the most popular washers is fender washers. Technically it is quite similar to the mechanism of a standard washer.

use a fender washer

How a fender washer differs from a standard washer?

Though a fender washer is basically like the standard washer, traditionally its outer diameter is larger in compared to the proportion of the central hole. With this special mechanism, a fender washer generally is used to help distribute the force while tightening a bolt or a nut whereas the washer is placed under that bolt. The outside diameter is oversized because it allows a larger bearing surface for the weight of the fastener. Further, it distributes the load on the thin or soft material.

Where can we use a fender washer?

A fender washer is generally used in automotive, electric appliances, plumbing and sheet metal. Depending on the requirement, different materials are available for a fender washer. Also, you can choose the measurement of the outside diameter according to your need. There are washers having a diameter ranging from 0.081 inches – 5.000 inches along with multiple inside diameter and thickness options. You can buy your fender washer made of stainless steel, nickel, brass, silver, aluminum, and copper in the metallic options. From the non-metallic alternative, you have the options of polyester, nylon, fiber, polyethylene, polycarbonate etc.

Now, choose any of the fender washers among hundreds of option depending on where you want to use it.