Beach side vacation with right umbrella

The best vacation spot is beach side for all. The people enjoy the beachside trip going with families and friends. The sunny shores, cool wind, hot sand are the pleasant attractive things at the beachside. The trip is enjoyable only the traveler carries all the essential things include protective clothing, beach chairs and beach umbrella.

There are different beach umbrellas in the market. Now it can also be bought online. These are available in attractive colors and designs. It not only provides the shade and can also protect the skin from UV rays. The Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) determines the UV rays blocked by the umbrella. Doctors suggest the travelers to use umbrellas with more than 50 UPF.

There are many different brands in the beach umbrella like beachBUB umbrella, sport-brella all –weather umbrella, Tommy bahama beach umbrella, easy go rainbow heavy-duty beach umbrella, CCS beach umbrella. Each has unique features and the umbrellas with suitable budget also available. There are several factors in buying the right umbrella for beach which are given below.

beach umbrellas

Size and shape

The umbrellas are available in various sizes and shapes; you have to choose the best for you.

UV protection

These are usually made with fabric. You should buy an umbrella which has high UPF, because it not only meant for shade and should also protect the skin from UV rays. But it is always suggest the tourists to use sunscreen as protective.


There are various designs in it. As the beach sides have a high wind flow, there is a chance to take away the umbrella. The designs which can withstand the wind flow are available. Some are equipped with extra fabric which acts as tents to protect from the sun. It is the user’s choice to pick the right one.


Light weighted umbrellas can’t withstand the strong wind flows. If you are a regular beachgoer, you can choose a heavy weighted one, as it lasts even after repeated use. The type of the umbrella is based on the beach type, the wind and sunny of the beach location.

It is also important to choose the right anchor for the umbrella, for some it comes in combination. For others the user has to choose. It is the base to be inserted into the sand which allows the umbrella to stand firm. If the wind takes away the umbrella, he has to run behind it by which can’t enjoy the trip.

Thus there are several factors in choosing the right durable umbrella to make the trip more enjoyable.