A Versatile Coffee Maker Machine for a Long Service

A Single single serve coffee maker is an affordable coffee machine that provides you the kind of quality you need when making coffee.  It functions the same as the branded products and the most expensive coffee makers machine like Gourmet. It is certainly one of the best home appliances for this service. By using a single-serve scoop filter, this machine allows you to easily brew your own ground coffee. It is possible to fill up your travel cup without any difficulties at all because you can brew up to 14 oz of coffee with it. Therefore, fitting in your travel mug as tall as 7 ¼ inches is possible. It is because it has a convenient built-in adjustable stand so it’s convenient for you.

Its structure

This coffee maker is made of a stainless steel that makes it so versatile and durable for you to take and carry it wherever you may go. Most of the reviews of the users of this product are speaking about its speed, good temperature, and the convenience when using this item. This particular coffee maker machine just pointed out numerous times the strong points that users keep looking for. This machine is specially designed to use any brands of coffee grounds to brew in less than 90 seconds and can make a delicious cup of coffee.

Its features

A steel mesh scoop filter is featured in this home appliance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about disposables because it doesn’t require the use of paper filters. Furthermore, despite its fast brewing time, the perfect amount of its flavor and strength still remains. It is because its filter is designed to scale your cup of coffee suitably. The consumers considered it almost intact in terms of its machine’s construction. It functions so well that you won’t encounter any trouble making your coffee.

Received awards for its excellent uses

In fact, this product has won the 2012 Good Housekeeping Award for VIPs. It is awarded as the very innovative products in the housekeeping industry. It is because of the fact of its unique uses, construction and its incredible features. They were totally amazed at its single-scoop filter construction as well as its durable stainless steel casing. You will enjoy its long-term service and apparently the fewer significant elements like the built-in adjustable stand and the creative drip tray with a spill-resisting drain in it.

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