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If you are planning to move to a new house, you may want to try and check out the 349 homes for sale in LaPorte Indiana. Most often than not, our new home doesn’t have everything that we need. Here is a guide of the essentials you need to ensure you enjoy your new home.

  • Drapes or blinds

This will provide you privacy. Natural light is wonderful. But you do not want your neighbor to catch you in your pajamas while trying to get milk in the middle of the night. Drapes or blinds also improve the look of any room. Choose one that will match the room style.

  • Cleaning supplies

Stock up on everything you will need to keep your home clean. Make sure you have the basics. From broom and dustpan to sponges and toilet cleaner. A bright scent will make your new home smell as clean as it looks. A static duster set that includes a window squeegee is available in the markets. It saves you time and worth the bucks. It will help you remove dirt from every nook and corner.

  • Home security

A home security system will protect you from intruders and unwanted strangers. There are DIY sets if you are low on budget. These cheap sets are often destroyed by a burglar so you might want to save up and buy a proper kit. Most kits includes door and window sensors. As well as a siren. You can control it from your smartphone. This is best for starters.

  • Shower curtain

You need a shower curtain to take a shower with privacy. And without having to worry about flooding the bathroom. There are many decorative shower curtains so you could take your time and choose as many as you want. Make sure you buy a mildew-resistant shower curtain to protect it from mold and germs. Soap and suds should slide off without leaving any residue or hard water stains.

enjoy your new home

  • Plunger

After you choose a shower curtain, you may want to pick up a plunger. It is an item which is better to have around even if you do not need it. Than needing it but not ending up not having it. Make sure you buy one that is not too large for your bowl.

  • Flashlight

Being a new homeowner will make you a handyman, plumber, and electrician. As well as some sort of investigator when there are weird noises coming from nowhere. A couple of flashlights will be handy. Spotlight for home repairs and finding your way in the dark is a fundamental item for homeowners.

  • Can opener

This is often overlooked. It is a necessity you will not know you need until you cannot get to open up that can of soup. Make sure you have this to avoid unnecessary delay when cooking a meal.

  • Garbage cans and liners

You will want a trash can in each room. The bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, the bedroom, and even the laundry room. There are sets of cans that come in different sizes. There are also those with lids that seal in odors to protect you from contamination. There are motion sensors that will open the lids only when needed.

Make sure you have these essential items before moving in to your new home. This will not only save you time but will let you enjoy your new home with unnecessary hassle.