A detailed view of symptoms and treatment of cancer in Labrador retrievers

The cancer will be caused when an abnormal cell is grown uncontrollable into the surrounding tissues and it is caused due to the changes in DNA. Most of the cancer-causing changes in DNA occur in a DNA section called genes and these changes are also known as genetic changes. Especially cancer in Labrador Retrievers is high when compared to other dog breeds so, a frequent blood test that is twice a year is important for Labrador dogs.

Symptoms of cancer in Labrador Retrievers

The common type of cancer in Labrador Retrievers is lymphoma which is also called lymphosarcoma. Lymphoma is white blood cell cancer and it can occur in any part of the body. The common symptoms that occur include labored breathing, weight loss, swollen glands behind the knee, in front of the shoulders, and under the neck.

Labrador dogs

Some other symptoms like a bad smell that never goes away even after bathing, difficulty in breathing, lameness or stiffness, unwilling to exercise or lethargy, difficulty in swallowing or eating, loss of appetite, diarrhea, or prolonged vomiting, defecating, or difficulty in urinating, lesions that are not healed with the treatment, and masses that grow in size and number.

Treatment of cancer in Labrador Retrievers

If the cancer is detected in the early stage, they will respond to the treatment and most Labrador retrievers are recovered from lymphoma through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is combined with surgery and radiation and the course of the treatment if depends on the stage and type of cancer. This treatment involves drug usage and veterinary oncologists use human chemo drugs for treating cancer in dogs. Palladia is a great drug which is formulated especially for the treatment of cancer in Labrador Retrievers and it is approved by the FDA.