Tips for using head lice treatments correctly

Time to start lice treatment as soon as you discover your child has head lice. Aside from treating your kid’s hair by yourself, there are a few other things to do. Anything that a child may have been exposed to during an epidemic may need treatment. The first step is to maintain the child’s hair.

Many over-the-counter shampoos can kill lice, prescription shampoos, conditioners, creams, and lotions. Carefully follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure proper handling. Most lice shampoos must be applied to dry hair and showered after ten minutes to rinse. The wet hair of the child should then be combed with a lice comb to remove dead insects. The lice treatment should be repeated within seven to ten days to kill the newly hatched larva from the undetected egg.

Head lice cannot survive for long if they fall from their host. Some parts of your home and what your child has been exposed to will also need treatment for head lice. Remove the stretcher and wash the bedding in hot water. Washing through the heat cycle on the dryer will kill the lice. Things like pillows can be put in the dryer if you don’t want to machine wash them. Non-washable items, such as plush toys, can be stored in vacuum bags for two weeks. If it’s cold outside, items can be kept in a cool place, such as a garage or shed for two weeks. If it’s warm outside, the freezer will do. Hair products such as combs, brushes, hairpins, ponytails, and headbands should be soaked in alcohol or disposed of.

If you have more than one child But only one appears to be infected.All children should be treated for lice as if they were infected. Wingless lice cannot fly, cannot jump, but can crawl.Lice are spread through human-to-human contact. Other children are likely infected and have undetected lice and nits.

Head lice must be taken seriously. If your home lice treatment isn’t cleaned thoroughly, the lice will continue to thrive and become a whole-house infestation instead of nits and a few adult lice in your hair. Be diligent in treating head lice with a lice doctors fort worth, Washing bed linens every day and coats that are taking too long each day can be left in the dryer for 20 minutes a day.Make sure the girl keeps her hair during the day and doesn’t allow your child to use it. Items that come into contact with their scalp