Time To Get An Upright MRI Scan In East Brunswick

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a technique to scan the body parts to know their functionalities and associated problems. MRI is bringing a drastic change in medical science by diagnosing various body parts accurately and conveying the root of multiple diseases to doctors and patients. However, it is a common experience among patients to feel claustrophobic or utterly uncomfortable in an MRI scanning machine. But with the advancement in medical science and technology, there are many alternatives for MRI scans available today. Upright MRI is one of the alternatives. Now one can even get an Upright MRI scan in East Brunswick. Let us find out how an Upright MRI scan is different from a traditional MRI.

Why choose an upright MRI?

An upright MRI scan proves better than MRI in many ways through both the techniques use a magnetic field and radio waves instead of radiations. Hence, let us discuss the benefits of an Upright MRI scan.

  • Comfortable: MRI machines scan different parts of the body and provide an analyzed result. However, diagnosing some parts of the body might feel uncomfortable for some individuals, including claustrophobic. Moreover, the heavier individuals might feel uneasy in a typical MRI scanning machine. Such issues do not occur with an Upright MRI scan. Its robust design offers utter comfort and easiness to the patients. Unlike a typical MRI machine, an upright MRI provides an open, quiet, and comfortable environment for everyone. Hence, the patients do not feel claustrophobic in an Upright MRI scanning machine.
  • Multi-position: Diseases can originate anywhere in the body. Hence, one never knows which part they might need to scan under an MRI. A traditional MRI does not offer multi-position features for diagnosing different body parts. However, an upright MRI scans an individual in multi-positions, such as extension, flexion, and weight-bearing. The weight-bearing position offers convenience and accuracy in diagnosing the spine and joints. Hence, an upright MRI can scan various body parts more accurately than the traditional MRI.

Hence, considering the profound benefits of an Upright MRI scan, one must wait no longer and get an MRI scan in East Brunswick in no time.

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