This is a fairly important question, because to a large extent, it depends on how the massage will be performed, whether the cosmetics will work much faster. Fortunately, you can do this yourself, for example, using a sisal glove. The whole massage should be started from the lower parts of the body, gradually moving upwards. We make circular movements; then, you can go to the pinch massage. After a few minutes ‘ warm-ups’, it is recommended to perform a massage with the  FasciaBlaster addition of anti-cellulite creams. You can also opt for a massage using the Chinese cupping. This treatment gives really good results, which makes it more and more popular.

It is very difficult to deal with cellulite. Unfortunately, the fight against orange peel requires a lot of sacrifice and sacrifice. It turns out that cellulite cosmetics willingly used by ladies are usually not enough. And this is because the most effective fight against the orange peel is one that is carried out on several fronts simultaneously. It turns out that it is then that you can achieve the best results. So it’s worth knowing what, apart from anti-cellulite cosmetics, allows you to deal with orange peels.


Cosmetics for cellulite, Why to their general availability and trouble-free – when it comes to application – are very often used to fight orange peel. It is enough that such preparations FasciaBlaster will have the right composition, and the chances that the elimination of cellulite will be successful are enormous.

Cosmetics for cellulite, Therefore, effective creams for cellulite not only contribute to the acceleration of fat burning processes but also strengthen and seal blood vessels and improve circulation. Anti-cellulite specifics should, therefore, include, among others: caffeine, L-carnation, horse chestnut extract, ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, arnica extract, routine, ivy extract, sea algae extract.