THC store in your body

How does THC store in your body? And how to remove it effectively?

People have various reasons why they want to detoxify their body from substances they have previously taken in, especially those who are worshippers of cannabis. If you are someone who is required to undergo a drug test either for a job, or for college entry, and other valid reasons, you have to cleanse your body from all the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the main active ingredient of cannabis.

For a lot of people, it could either be to pass a drug test or to enjoy the benefits of a tolerance break, but, beating a drug test is a completely different point of view than getting rid of THC in your system. Usually, the need to overcome a drug test arises on such short notice that it would completely be impossible for you to clean your body of THC and its metabolites, so your objective would simply hide any traces of evidence of its existence in your system. So, what does this everything mean?

Well, this means that there should be abstinence if you want a surefire result to get rid of your body from THC. Before you even proceed to read this entire article, you should understand how THC and other cannabinoids are being stored in your body.

The THC levels in your blood increases as the cannabinoid are being metabolized to different kinds of inactive chemicals which are THC carboxylic acid which is the one that gets you high and stoned while the metabolites are the residues that are left behind after your body processed the THC carboxylic acid.

THC and its metabolites

With regards to the frequency of your usage, this is quite arguably an important factor especially those who smokes cannabis or uses it for different purpose more than once a week because this will cause the THC and the metabolites to build up in your fatty tissue, while for those occasional smokers, they will have a smaller percentage of build-up in their body.

Also, your metabolism plays a big factor in flushing out THC and its metabolites from your body and it differs from person to person based on their height, weight, their gender, their genetics most specially, and their level of physical activity which determines the rate of metabolism in determining how quickly the THC can be broken down and converted into different metabolites that will eventually be flushed out of your system.

Body fat also plays a big role in how you can flush out THC and its metabolites in your fat tissue. If you have a higher concentration of fat tissue in your body, the larger it can store THC and its byproducts, which means that you have to shed off weight as much as possible, get fit and watch the food that you eat that will contribute to gaining unnecessary weight.

This means that you have to regularly exercise so the stored fat in your body will slowly be metabolized along with the THC and its metabolites stored in it. There are a lot of studies that proved that exercise can elevate the blood from THC levels by releasing dormant THC and metabolites from your fat deposit which means that people who frequently sweat out and engage in physical activities have higher percentage of cleansing their body easily right in time for a drug test compared to those who are passive.

If you want an easy way, there are tons of detoxifying products that you can buy over the counter, however, nothing beats the natural way. For more information click on this link