A dangerous disease

Are you afraid that one of your family members might be suffering from drug addiction? Are they displaying signs of drug abuse like developing unhealthy relationships with people known to be drug addicts, having financial troubles, neglecting their responsibilities, and so much more. It usually depends on the type of drugs that they are taking.

In times like these, the only way they could stop is persuading them to get the necessary treatments for addiction. It may be hard for them to admit it, but asking them to help themselves first is the first step out of the thousands that they still have to go through. Be with them and let them know that no matter what they have turned into, you are there and you believe in their ability to change for the better.

Knowing more about Drug Addiction

It is an uncontrollable drug seeking or use of harmful substances despite the dreadful consequences that it does to the body and brain. Those who suffer from drug addiction may experience relapsing to it after trying to stop. A person may voluntarily use drugs or they may be forced by their peers due to pressure until they can’t find the ability to stop despite the changes that they are experiencing. Ultimately, drug addiction is a disease that affects the brain and the person’s behaviour.

 Can Drug Addiction be stopped?

Yes, but it won’t be easy. Most patients, especially if they have been using drugs for a long time already, needs repetitive and long-term care to ensure that they completely stop using the drugs. Treatments can help them stop doing drugs, sat drug free and be a productive citizen and family member like they used to be.

How can it be treated?

They have to go through several steps. First is by detoxification where the body rids itself from the drugs. Second is behavioural counselling. Third is medication for opioid, tobacco and alcohol addiction. Fourth is evaluation and treatment for the mental health issues that they may have such as anxiety and depression and lastly, long-term treatment to ensure that no relapsing will occur.

These are just the basics of what you need to know about drug addiction. It is a dangerous disease that eats up an individual’s mind and body, turning them into an empty shell. If you know someone suffering from this, please guide them and let them know that someone cares.