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What if your resource fails the background check?

Once the team gets the background check report there is no issues with the positive report resources but the concern rises with the negative reports. It is becomes very difficult to take the decision whether to hire the resource or not. It is important the company follow all the government laws and the company policies as well as the EEOC guidelines. For best background results it is advice to take help form best company like The Island Now.  Even after checking all the laws the applicant fails the background check then you need to follow some steps. Let see what they are.

More info about background check

  • Make sure that your organization has followed all the terms and conditions fairly and equally for all the applicants. The terms means all the factors which are part of the background check like education document verification, past employment experience check, driving history check only if applicable, credit check, criminal check , personal information check, residential address check and etc.
  • If your organization has decided not to hire the applicant than you need to sent a pre adverse action notice to the applicant along with the background check report copy and the a copy of your rights. In this way the applicant will get a chance to go through the reports thoroughly and he can come back to you if any quires.
  • By sending the details you is giving the applicant a chance to discuss any questions he has. The tie period for the discussion can be given bases on the local and company laws. The person might have a valid reason for the discrepancies found in the background check. All these can be cleared only when both the parties sit together and have a discussion.
  • Once the discussion is completed with the applicant and after listening to the explanation. Based on the company’s laws and the equal employment opportunity commissions guidelines you can take the decision if you want to offer the position to the applicant. If you offer the applicant then the background check would be considered as completed.
  • If the final decision is not to hire the applicant than you need to send an adverse action notice to the applicant with clearly explaining the reasons of rejection based on the background check. Make sure that everything is clearly mentioned and all the laws are taken into consideration to avoid fines and legal action on the organization.


Hope you will follow all the required steps while you are rejecting any applicant.