Among all the issues our environment is facing, none is more divided than concerns over the land. Unlike water pollution, everyone knows dirtying the oceans and seas are wrong. While people do it, they see it as a necessary evil to get rid of wastes from our land. Deforestation, on the other hand, can be argued for by those who don’t really care too much for trees. They’ll argue that land is needed more for farmers and their livelihood than tiny animals. Or they might say that the world has plenty of trees that an acre or two won’t matter.

All of this leads to massive tree cutting that our Earth will only suffer for. They may be cut down in the name of farmlands and businesses, but there’s no denying the massive damage they have to the environment. While trees are cut every day for various reasons, there are some causes that really drive heavy deforestation.


The Fate of a Farmer

If you’re a farmer or in the agricultural business, you know how important land is to you. It’s where you grow your crops and make your money. Without it, what’s the point of being a farmer? Agricultural and farm needs is the number one cause of deforestation. It takes the biggest piece of the pie when you’re trying to figure out what causes people to cut down trees. This is where the problem lies. If there’s no proper regulation, farmers will just cut down more and more. They’ll argue they need it to sustain their way of life which makes it difficult.

When Ranchers Roam

Similar to farmers, ranchers also need land to raise cattle on. In some countries, the cattle industry is too big to ignore. Companies buy out forest land to make more room for cows. While there is nothing wrong with supplying meat, when it gets too much that’s when it can do some serious damage to the environment. There needs to be a balance between what people eat and what the world needs in terms of trees. It’s impossible to keep cutting without facing the consequences that come with it.

These two factors are what contribute mainly to deforestation across the globe. While farmers and ranchers both have their needs, it’s important to provide a proper balance. If not, it could spell serious consequences for the generation now and our children in the future.