Switching providers is as easy as a flick of the switch

One of the most important and widely used commodities is electricity. It is used by millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. It is the single most important commodity that when gone, all hell will break loose, probably because we have become so dependent on it that when it’s gone we are thrown back into the dark ages. Almost everything is dependent on electricity now more than ever. Almost every move we make on a daily basis, aware or unaware, revolves around electricity.


As we progress further and further, the demand for electricity gets bigger and bigger. So big in fact that some power companies can’t keep up with the demand. That is why most of them are starting to look into alternative and renewable sources of energy to provide our power hungry routines with it. Norway in particular has almost completely turned to renewable power sources such as hydroelectric power plants and offshore wind turbines to generate electricity for its inhabitants. But sometimes even these are not enough. Note that Norway is the largest supplier of hydroelectric power in Europe and is still sometimes short of the demand. More so these past few years where rainfall has significantly lessened. Supplies are running low and electricity prices are increasing. No wonder why some Norwegians continuously transfer from provider to provider to find cheap ones. Good thing if you’re the lazy type since Strø has a list of some of the cheapest electricity providers in Norway.

Cheap is always good

Yes, it might be so but cheap isn’t always better. Let’s put it this way, you might find an electricity provider has cheap rates, but what if their customer service track record isn’t really the best? Yes, they might be cheap on paper but what if they can’t really address your concerns. They might be cheap but they don’t offer what you are looking for. These are some of the things you might want to consider before switching providers.

How to switch providers

You’d be surprised how easy it is to switch electricity providers in Norway. No wonder a lot of them do it. Once you’ve found a provider that you like, simply contact them and tell them you want to avail of their services. They then would send you a form to fill up either via email or through snail mail, continue to fill up the form with the needed details and send it back to them and wait while they do the rest. After three or so weeks, your application is now active. Voila! It’s really quite simple.

Learning how to identify cheap providers is very important in choosing the right provider that will suit your needs. Transferring to a cheaper provider than the one you currently have now doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and cut back on excessive usage of electricity. Try and regulate your electricity usage and find out how much you can save over the course of a year, you will be quite surprised.