Regular Lawn Care & Management Services

For the people who have such privilege of having a big yard space, then lawn care becomes really very important and must be put as a regular requirement all along your household chores. Your task of maintaining the yard is generally done weekly too many people whereas those who have got the spare time and dedication to spend can do regular yard care daily. Normally, the regular lawn management will be categorized in following tasks:


This needs pruning & trimming plants to the desired height. It applies to the flowers, bushes as well as trees that line your yard. Cutting not just maintains the visual uniformity but allows the new flower buds to grow and keeping its growth cycle in control. Cutting includes mowing your grass that covers the lawn. It keeps your grass in controlled height & constant mowing encourages your grass to grow over sideways covering a little more area of your yard.

 Lawn Mowing


Cleaning must be done after cutting. Any fallen cut offs & dead leaves from the trees that litter your lawn as the last clean up must be swept & put in right organic waste bins always. In a few countries, people burn the dead grasses & leaves in afternoon as the form of the organic waste disposal. Such practice is used to send away mosquitoes or other plant pests or parasites due to the smoke. The task although the part of lawn cares, differs from one country to another depending on the culture & government established disposal systems.


The newly cut, trimmed and pruned plants suffer stress. Thus, watering reduces this stress and can supply your plant with right nutrients & minerals directly from the moist soil. So, these are some of the important tasks that have to be done, if you want to keep your lawn area green and lush.