Hamed Wardak

A Good Wake-Up Call For Everyone’s Awareness In Iceland

In this cruel world, there are parts of the globe where people are encountering economic difficulties. One of these countries includes Iceland; a Nordic island with a dramatic landscape. The geysers, lava fields, volcanoes, and hot springs made the nation one of a kind. People from different parts of the world become curious as to how is the lifestyle of Icelanders. With the massive glaciers protected in Snæfellsjökull and Vatnajökull national parks, a lot of foreigners wanted to witness this kind of nature’s beauty. However, the people in Iceland don’t describe it as a beauty but a dilemma too. People are having a hard time to deal with the economic problem due to the intimidating environmental issues. Hamed Wardak had brought ideas to life, which helps many Icelanders open their awareness to the happenings in the society.

Raise awareness through music

Iceland has been facing economic difficulties that made people having trouble in their lives. It is a fact that the country is facing tremendous unease. But, people never lose hope that opened their awareness about the issues they are facing. With a great deal of energy coming from the Icelanders, they come up with a creative transformation to their generation today. Airwaves festival has been conducted yearly in November as a powerful action.

What is the Airwaves festival?

The Airwaves festival is only held in Iceland. It is an annual music event held in Reykjavík. The festival took 4 days from Wednesday to Saturday. The festival showcases new music: both Icelandic and international. The City of Reykjavík and Icelandair are the main sponsors of the event. The first Airwaves festivals happened way back in 1999. Good thing that the people are reunited during the festival that serves as a wake-up call to all Icelanders. It talks about the glaciers that are disappearing due to the rising temperatures. The event turned out successful and regularly conducted annually, which has expanded with mostly music is included.

Hamed WardakThe latest event this year

2019 is the present year today where Icelanders never fail to attend the Airwaves festival. The event is scheduled for its normal month, in which speakers are invited. These speakers will be talking about various topics that will open the awareness of everyone. The topics will be the following:

  • activism
  • ecology
  • environmentalism

These topics are very interesting which will help Icelanders aware of the happenings around. Plus, the computer skills of everyone will be shown off as Icelanders will now enter the world of modernity.