Why Treant Protector is good for boosting mmr in Dota 2

Treant protector has been picked up a handful of times in professional play since his come back to Captain’s Mode; however he has been doing damage in pubs throughout his competitive hiatus. In games with 5K MMR or higher over the past months, he holds a fifty five.6 % win rate, the third highest out of all heroes in line with Dota 2 mmr boosting. Treant could be a terribly tanky support hero with a world presence who may also operate as a really capable solo offlaner. For all of Treant’s strengths he will fall victim to heroes like Venomancer, Viper, Jakiro and Slark who will simply take away Living Armor.


Like most hard supports within the game, the variability of their item builds is most restricted by gold gain and a support Treant protector is not any totally different. Your lean build means that you have to squeeze the maximum amount utility out of your gold as attainable and build to your strengths. For Treant protector, meaning building off of a core set that consists of Medallion of courage and Blink Dagger.

Skill Tree

Treant protector is one of the few heroes that have approach simplest way of building out his talent tree in a way that may be best in most circumstances. At Level 10, take the additional mana regen since you actually will not be creating a lot of use of the attack speed. At Level 15, take the additional gold per minute, since it is gravy for laborious supports. At Level 20, take the cooldown reduction, because your role isn’t to right-click. And finally, at Level 25, take the additional Living Armor block instances since usually speaking all the respawn time reduction skills are trash.

Skill set explained

[Q] Nature’s Guise-Treant’s invis. It provides a delayed invis that solely shrouds an ally if they keep close to trees.

[W] Leech Seed-Treant’s one harm ability. Leech Seed deals pulses of harm that slow the enemy whereas healing allies for the quantity of damage done per pulse.

[E] Living Armor-Treant’s best talent. This ability has international vary and “blocks” seven instances of harm whereas additionally providing a hefty quantity of health regen.

[R] Overgrowth-Treant’s immobilization and disarming ultimate. It’s a very helpful mechanism for dominant team fights whereas also closing down enemy carries.

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