Types of Salmon and You

Salmon is widely praised by health experts are a go to by chefs around the world because not only is it delicious and easy to prepare, but also because of the nutrients it gives us.

There are many types of Wild Salmon. They may differ in texture or even in taste. But all salmons are delicious especially if you know what taste is the best for you.

Types of Salmon:

  • Copper River Kings acquired the instinct to accumulate the extra “fuel” reserves needed to reach their distant spawning grounds due to travelling upstream without eating anything. Because their epic effort requires such huge fat stores, these “thoroughbreds” among salmon grow rapidly in the ocean, often doubling their weight during a single summer season. This makes Copper River King Salmon a luscious feast, doubling the fat of other salmon and 25% fat with other King Salmon.
  • Our rare Arctic Keta salmon is caught by native Iñupiat people in the cold, pristine waters of Alaska’s Northwest Arctic region. Arctic Keta salmon is distinguished by its subtle colour, firm flesh, and very high omega-3 levels, which rival those in king salmon and exceed the omega-3 levels in sockeye, silver, or pink salmon. It’s ideal for those who prefer mild-flavoured salmon and lends itself to seasonings and flavours. Those features result from the fact that Arctic Keta roam further, and undergo longer migrations, than any other salmon of their species. What makes it different is that it has a mild, versatile flavour and is sustainably harvested. It also has less total fat than most other salmons and more omega-3s than most other salmons.

  • King (Chinook) salmon is the richest, most luscious member of the Pacific salmon family, with the highest omega-3 levels.
  • Wild Alaskan Silver Salmon is moist and delectable despite having less fat than Sockeye or King Salmon. It’s a somewhat firmer fish that has a very delicious flavour and soft texture that makes salmon aficionados favour it. It’s also the purest of all ocean fish. It is line-caught and frozen at sea which makes silver salmon offer fabulous, fresh-caught flavour. King salmon has the most fat and omega-3 fatty acids among all wild Pacific salmon species. These attributes make it the richest and most flavourful wild Pacific salmon available.
  • Sockeye Salmon has a red hue due to its abundance in the antioxidant What makes it popular is also because of its very Salmon-y taste.

People have different variations of the word “delicious”. What may be delicious to others may not be delicious to you which make Salmon perfect. Because of its many types, people now have options. Whether it’s for a date night or for a family dinner. Each type of salmon has the same nutritional facts so you are not missing out on anything. Whatever you choose has the same level of mouth-watering taste. The freshness of it is a plus because you can never go wrong with fresh salmon.

It’s never too late to try Salmon especially because it is a popular fish. Whatever type you want to try, you can never go wrong with it. Salmon is good and appetizing. Its distinguished taste and texture make it a sought after dish that many already have sworn by and many more will surely love.