CrossFit Training – All about the program

CrossFit Training – All about the program

Cross Fit is a well designed program which offers a person a full body workout.  It includes elements from disciplines such as weight lifting, core training, cardio and core training and prepares the body to perform to unexpected limits.  This is a high intensity workout and has a lot of variety.  It offers participants the most for their money and challenges them to new heights.  People who enroll in this program never repeat the same routine in a week and lasts 45 to 60 minutes in length.

Where it is done:

Most Cross Fit programs are held in gyms housed in warehouses as a lot of space is required.  People can choose to participate in group classes and they can come 3 or 5 days a week.  Coaches develop their own routine or follow routines which are offered on the company website.

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Participants are expected to do as many rounds as possible of this sequence in the allotted time of 20 minutes. People don’t really need to use much gym equipment, even though they can very well buy stuff for their personal use. Talk to a fitness professional before getting started.

Why people love this workout:

Cross Fit offers high intensity workouts and subscribes to the belief that intense exercise in short spurts is more effective.  This regimen subscribes to a unique philosophy and participants stick to a specific diet – the Paleo Diet.  Most participants are fitness fanatics and former athletes and are intensely competitive.  Even non athletes benefit from participating.  Participants love the sense of community and appreciate the encouragement offered by fellow team members and coaches while they are being put through their paces.

There is no doubt that this exercise regimen is highly intense and teaches participants to push their bodies to the limit and accept discomfort.  This philosophy intimidates a lot of people but gives followers a real high.

What is the downside to this regimen?

This is a high intensity sport and puts people at risk for injury if they don’t do the exercises using the right form.   Gyms offer a basic course to get people acclimated to the movements and also teach them the right form to prepare them for future classes. These classes are not exactly cheap and can cost up to $150 a month.  There is a lot of information available on the net about this regimen.  It is advisable to read before signing up and purchasing one.