Mobile wallet

The Branded Fintech Solution

When speaking of online transactions, it is not new that online purchasing is on the top topics. Online users become interested when they discover something new and beneficial. For example, online shopping and online purchasing can be done one at a time. You can start to shop and purchase an item when decided. Now, the question is how to pay it? For new online users, it might be new for you to get an online or virtual wallet. But, for those old users of the said wallet, they have been enjoying the benefits it provides since they get their accounts. They started to get satisfied and enjoy shopping online.

Shop online, pay online

Shopping online is not that secure. If you fail to make sure that you are buying in a legit eCommerce website, you might fall into a trap. Now, what is this trap? A trap is a kind of website that is operated by phishers of hackers ready to steal your account. With that, your financial account can be at risk. So, make sure that you are doing the transaction on a legit eCommerce website and a secured mobile wallet. It is a wallet used by many customers today online for payment methods. They use to pay using this online wallet on the item/s they purchased with just a few clicks. A few days after you ordered, the items will be delivered at your door. Yes, shopping and paying online is easy with this online wallet.

Mobile wallet

Unique profit-sharing model

From the word itself profit-sharing, it is a kind of sharing your earned money. Now, users can share money according to the amount they prefer. If you wish to share, send, or move money to someone, you can do it. But, the recipient must also be a user of the online wallet. With that, any transaction done is free when sharing money. It is not the same in remittance centers where you need to pay some amount for sending some cash. Plus, you can do the sharing transaction via mobile and internet connection.

How to share funds?

By installing the application on your mobile, it is easy for you to transact. Sharing funds, paying bills, purchasing items, and even checking the balance of your accounts are done fast. All these are the benefits of enjoying using this online wallet. With lots of online or virtual wallets that are coming out today, this one is the most convenient, reliable, and real-time.