Security and Loan in Norway

Regular types of security 


Security over land must be enlisted, utilizing an institutionalized home loan frame, with the Norwegian concentrated land enlist controlled by the national Norwegian mapping expert (No. Statens Kartverk) (Land Register). The institutionalized home loan frame should be executed by the approved signatories of the enlisted owner(s). The executed unique of the standard home loan frame should be petitioned for enlistment with the Land Register. The enlistment will ordinarily be finished inside a couple of business days from documenting, and on enrollment the security intrigue will take need from the date of receipt by the Land Register. The home loan frame is regularly supplemented by a security assention or statement of promise which isn’t enlisted, yet speaks to supplementing legally binding directions of the home loan.

For flawlessness of security over land, the home loan needs to determine a greatest secured sum. In any case, such most extreme sum can be settled at any sum and more often than not at 110% to 120% of the vital of the secured liabilities.

Unmistakable versatile property

What is viewed as unmistakable versatile property in your locale? What are the most widely recognized types of security allowed over it? How are they made and idealized?

Substantial mobile property

By and large all physical articles that are not land will fall under the meaning of substantial mobile property. This incorporates (among others) working resources, stock, vehicles, development apparatus, airplane and vessels.

Basic types of security

Skimming charges over specific classes of benefits are the most widely recognized type of security for unmistakable property. A different promise over unmistakable property and a business lien are additionally accessible (see Question 11).

Security over unmistakable property enlisted with an advantage enlist, for instance, air ship and vessels, is controlled independently by the Norwegian Aviation Act and the Norwegian Maritime Act, separately. Security is made by method for contract enlisted on the Norwegian common airplane enroll or, for vessels, with the Norwegian worldwide ship enlist or the Norwegian standard ship enlist. The appropriate customs are like the conventions material to land (see Question 2).


Vow. The general decide is that a promise over determined unmistakable versatile property is made by a vow assention. It is consummated by physical conveyance of the vowed advantage for the pledgee, or to a chosen one to hold the promised resource for the pledgee’s benefit, keeping the pledgor from having physical ownership of the swore resource.

Drifting charges. Business ventures enrolled with the Norwegian Company Register can make drifting charges over different classes of unmistakable property, as takes after:


  • Working resources (machines, devices, furniture, other gear and furthermore different protected innovation rights that are utilized as a part of the matter of the chargor).
  • Vehicles, development machines and railroad material (such things can likewise be promised independently).
  • Agrarian hardware/apparatuses, crops, domesticated animals.
  • Fishery hardware/resources.

Skimming charges are culminated by enlistment of an institutionalized accuse type of the Norwegian Register of Mortgaged Movable Property (Movable Property Register). The institutionalized charge shape should be executed by approved signatories of the chargor and the first should be recorded with the Movable Property Register for enlistment. The enrollment will regularly be finished inside maybe a couple weeks following the date of recording (however can be assisted in specific conditions). On enrollment, the security intrigue will take need from the date of receipt by the Movable Property Register. The charge frame is regularly supplemented by a security contract ascension or presentation of vow which isn’t enlisted, yet gives supplementing authoritative directions of the charge.

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