What are Eyelash Extensions?

Fashion is the key trend for many women on this planet. They can go up to any limits, such as getting boob jobs done to perfect make up looks. The cosmetic industry has survived on the aspiration of many women to appear lie Hollywood actresses. There are cosmetic surgeries, enhancements and extensions for every part of your body, to make you look more glamorous and sexy to the world. Now you can artificially get eyelash extensions and flutter your beautiful eyelashes to woo men. The eyelash extension is a method in which the thread made up of silk, mink or any other synthetic fibre is attached to your existing eye lashes. They are usually permanent or semi-permanent. You can also avail this opportunity for temporary time periods also.

Firstly, eyelash extension is a very luxurious process and certainly is the most enjoyable. The procedure of eyelash extension does not take lot of time or does not cause discomfort. The cosmetician asks you to lie down peacefully and close your eyes. In the meanwhile, the little feathery type things are attached to your lashes. There are no injections, any type of incisions or stitches made during the process.

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Every eyelash is customised according to the needs and appearance of the customer. You can choose the length and colour as desired. Most people prefer length of 9mm to 15mm. However, some people chose the median of 12 mm length eyelash. Next comes, the curl. Eyelash extension is done in order to obtain the beautiful curl. Even the mascara is applied for the same reason. Hence, in order to obtain that peacock curl, you can choose your own style. Some people make a choice of “J” curl. This look is quite natural. While others, prefer “C” look for more dramatic effects. You can also opt for mixed curls.

Apart from all the above, the choice of material is most important thing. In today’s cosmetic market, there are lot of materials available for making a choice. These are Faux Mink, Faux Fox, Silk, Real Mink and even Real human hair. Many people prefer to opt for Faux Mink. These are most affordable and loved by many.