Selection of Hiking Shoes for a tough trek

Are you a fervent lover of adventure and sports activities? Looking for something to comfort you for the miles of walking over the rugged terrains? Well time to leave your worries. The hiking shoes will do it all for you. Apart from this it protects your feet againstseveral obstacles, mud and jagged rocks. Most of the outdoor activities like backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, trail running, hunting can be done easily with these shoes. These shoes don’t restrict any ankle movement and is the source of strength for ankle. Protection against blisters in the rough terrains is one of the major reasons hikers choose this. Choosing the right pair of hiking shoes is just to match your dreams. You will always want your shoes be:

  • Be in tune and follow your hiking dreams: Brawny and bulky backpacking boots are not at all advisable for a whole day hiking trip until and unless they offer you comfort.
  • Comforting your feet: A good fit, long lasting strength and perennial comfort is what you will always want from a good pair of hiking shoes.

Better the fit, better is the feel.You will have innumerous options to choose from. Certainly this article will help you make the right choice. It is an ugly feeling to gaze at the boot walls in a shoes store and keep wondering “Which one for me?” This will clarify all the doubts and you will say “This pair shoes is just perfect for me”.

Selection of Hiking Shoes for a tough trek

Types of Hiking Shoes:

Light hiking shoes:  These pair of ultra-light, low-cut and flexible midsoles shoes is excellent for a day hiking. These are the best for a long distance journey and can be used exclusively by both men and women. Light hiking shoes is preferred mostly as they resemble running shoes and makes you feel light all-round the travel.

Hiking boots: With the mid soles high cut, these foot wears are mostly preferred on weekend trips with the light loads. They are pretty much flexible but at the same time they do not last for a longer duration and do not provide much support.

Backpacking boots:  If you are planning to carry varying weights on different days then this is the best option. With more indurate soles and longer durability they are expedient for on-off track travel. Ultra-light back packers degrade the low-cut shoes and path runners. Each hiker will need different kind of footwear depending upon the style of hiking.

Mountaineering boots:  These boots are much heavier than others meant for ruff and tuff usage. They have a strong midsoles designed to entertain heavy loads. These boots are extremely sinewy, durable and subservient.

There are a lot of materials used for the boots aiming to impart high class durability, resistance to water, light weight. Full-grain leather,Split-grain leather,Nubuck leather,waterproof linings are some of the materials used to make the shoes more robust and user friendly. While making a choice it’s very important to make the best fit for your feet. Length, Width and volume of the shoes should be measured in accordance to your feet size.