In most construction sites, the soil needs to be adequately compacted. This method makes sure that the ground would be free of air pockets that might cause shifting during the construction process. When compared to buying and renting out compact industrial equipment, you can lease compact industrial equipment. This will ensure that you can use the equipment for a longer period with the same cost of renting it. Leasing the equipment is effective when you have a long term use out of the equipment, but after which you may not need it.

When it comes to leasing the equipment, you need to avail the machinery for a longer duration than when you rent it. You can lease compact industrial equipment when you know the right amount of time you will be using them. Depending on the type of job, each compact industrial equipment has a particular use. It differs from light soil compaction equipment to heavy soil compaction equipment.

Types of compaction equipment:

  • Pneumatic Tired Rollers
  • Vibro Tampers
  • Sheepsfoot Rollers
  • Vibratory Plate Compactors
  • Smooth Wheeled Vibratory Rollers
  • Vibratory Rammers

Among these, some are used in heavy soil compaction process while others are used in the light soil compaction process.


Handling the machinery:

Safety should always be the first parameter in handling the machinery. Any employee who is operating the machine is required to be properly educated on the safe handling of the compact industrial equipment. To ensure this, proper training should be given to all the employees. Training is the best way to ensure an accident-free workplace amidst machinery.


Leasing compact industrial equipment gives you the benefit of tax reduction, easy upgrades, and earlier write-offs, which are most important if the technology you use in your industry evolves fast. Leasing from suppliers is a lot better than procuring the machinery.