Car Shipping

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Car Shipping Company

When it comes to car transportation services, price and quality are critical considerations. Nobody wants a car that has scratches, paint chips, and dents when they get it. So, before you hire a logistics company to move your car, here is a checklist of questions to ask. What type of car shipping company are you working with? It is critical to understand the various industry players. There are several this to know about car shipping:

  • Car transporters: These are the people who pick up and deliver your vehicle. It’s great to deal with the person in charge directly, but keep in mind that they’re always on the road, with precious little time to handle calls and customer service.
  • Providers of leadership: Have you come across websites that promise “six quotes in one click”? They provide car-shipping leads. They gather email addresses and auction them off to the highest bidder. They may also disclose your information to third parties.
  • Auto-shipping agents: They act as go-betweens for you, the customer, and car transportation companies. They do not sell your information; instead, they communicate with the carriers on your behalf, handling all administrative details and ensuring the shipment runs smoothly.

Car Shipping

How will your vehicle be transported? It is critical to understand how your car will be moved between two points. In most cases, you can choose between open and enclosed car shipping. Trucks with walls and roofs or containers are used to facilitate enclosed car shipping.

Open car carriers, which use haulers with open trailers, are also safe, with little risk of damage. To prevent movement or shifting, the trucks usually have one or two racks on which cars are secured. These trailers can typically transport up to ten vehicles, compared to a maximum of four for enclosed shipping. As a result, open car shipping is less expensive than enclosed car shipping, though the latter may provide more peace of mind.