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How is conversational AI useful in the banking sector?

With revolutionary technological developments across the world, the necessity to adapt the enterprise’s functioning also increases. One of the key industries where the role of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is felt, is the financial sector. The banking industry has seen many advancements for the sake of better customer interaction. The majority of the bank’s processes have been automated. Clinc helps the banking sector in presenting the customer, a great AI-based experience. It enhances the customer experience by providing a dynamic response system. It operates in a very personalized approach that makes every customer feel important. The banking sector has a lot of traditional tasks that are time-consuming and so are cumbersome. From filling of forms to getting feedback there are a lot of tasks that form the daily work of a bank. With the help of AI, there is a great saving in manhours of the bank. Basically, a computer program, that is called in AI as a chatbot, is entrusted with the task of communicating with the customer online. While this is a basic version, there are bots deployed to examine the paperwork and documents submitted by the customer.


  • AI in banks can also help in averting frauds. Many a time you must have received an alert message when you initiate any banking transaction from a different location or a different device. This is how AI helps you in identifying any case of likely fraud even before an attempt is made. Only on receiving customer approval the transaction can be successful. AI in the banking sector is very much essential to offer great security and also privacy.
  • Financial operations become quick and easy with the help of AI. Along with providing easy access to the customers to their financial balances, transactions etc, it also enables reminders for bill payments and setting up of auto-debits. This provides a great relief to clients who are busy in their respective jobs.
  • Conversational AI helps reduce query resolving time considerably. The bot is designed in such a way that it can understand the customer and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Banks have a repository of customer data and can predict their preferences based on past transactions. AI helps in being in touch with the customer and providing real-time solutions. This is done regularly without the need for the customer to approach in person.

With safety, accuracy, and privacy AI is sure to enhance the future of the banking industry.

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