True Story of Success

Hamed Wardak on True Story of Success

There are many companies’ stories today that has become an inspiration to the people who are still doing their own business. They are sharing their humble beginnings, their personal stories and struggles, and their road to success in life. Through their real stories, people are starting to apply it to themselves also. It only shows that we can get inspiration and motivation to other people that we do not personally know.

Today, there are small and big companies that already succeed in their business. Some are already struggling and worrying about how they will maintain the success. What are the essential steps that the company should take bolder to stay in progress?

Story of the Company

  • A company has their own story of their simple beginnings. The passion and drive have become the main ingredients on their way to success. The struggles at the start of their journey have become the learning in their every step. A story with both feelings and logic is a very welcoming idea to the people. Hamed Wardak shared this that the story behind every company is a big idea to the people that make them interested in how the story of success happened. It only shows that there are transparent on the journey of what is happening in the real business.
  • The evolution of the company and how it grows is an excellent factor to the people. They feel inspired, and they tend to look up to the footsteps of the company. This leads to people following the company and patron it.

evolution of the company

Have the Right Attitude

  • Our question “Where do we want to go?” needed the right attitude of the people behind a company. Our thoughts and feelings on people and in every situation are significant on our road to success. In maintaining our company’s reputation, the mission and vision of it are vital. It dictates the company the steps it will take and the decisions it will make. It answers the question of where the company we will go, is it to fail or succeed? So, having a clear goal, a positive mindset, a burning passion, and a fearless attitude are some of the most important approaches that the leaders and the people must have within a company.

Showing Gratitude

  • In showing gratitude to the people behind the growth of the company, it shows that you appreciate their work and contribution. The appreciation that we show to people is the key to a healthy relationship. It is an important key characteristic of a leader that they appreciate their people. It only shows that they are thankful for the work of its people. Also, people will feel good about what they do in their work. Also, for a company to stay growing, showing kindness and gratefulness to their customers and partners is an excellent factor to its success.

To each story of a company that we hear, inspiration to the younger generation with big dreams is what they are planting.