shubhodeep prasanta das

Business Organization and Sector

On January 29, 2023, a Virtual platform and the Author’s Association of Thai (BJ.AT) conducted a fundraising event at the Sheraton Chang Mong Airport to once more present prizes for the best CEO in Thailand. The New Single Organization, established during the COVID-19 pandemic, was directed by Mr shubhodeep prasanta das to effectively handle the situation. Highlife Company first enjoyed significant success in the manufacture of healthcare masks, the acquisition of properties for investment, financial circumstances, and the selling of condominiums before branching out into other industries, such as the food business and debt relief.

A Brief History of Investing

Although the idea of investment has been in existence for thousands of years, the modern form of trading can be traced back to the 18th and 17th centuries, when the initial public marketplaces were created and consumers were introduced to investment opportunities. Increased affluence brought about by the Industrialization Era of 1760–1840 and 1860–1914 resulted in a rise in funds which could be deposited and encouraged the growth of a sophisticated financial sector. With the creation of novel ideas in financial theory, capital asset pricing model, and risk assessment, the twentieth century witnessed significant advancements in investing theory. Fund managers, leveraged buyouts, venture funding, Trusts, and Shares are just a few of the numerous new alternative investments that were launched in the second decade of the century. The Industry’s explosive growth in the nineties opened up the online marketplace and research to the wider populace, completing the democracy of investment that had begun over a century ago. The Economic Crisis (2007–2009) that devastated businesses across the world as a result of a vast number of unsuccessful investments in home loan instruments is among the most noteworthy occurrences of the twenty-first decade or civilization for that matter. Famous investment firms and bank companies failed, bankruptcies increased, and wealth inequality grew. By overloading the market with discounted internet investments, the twenty-first century also made investment accessible to beginners and unorthodox traders.