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Top Questions to Ask When Renting for a Wedding Motor Coach

You should book a chicago motor coach for wedding about three to five months earlier before your wedding day. Actually, the earlier, the better, especially if you have an official wedding day, locations, and venues for a ceremony, the next thing you should do is to book for wedding transportation.

Booking earlier, especially if your wedding ceremony is on the peak season of April, May, and June, it is highly recommended to book in advance for up to nine months before the D-day. But before you sign any rental contract, ask your chosen rental company these following questions, so you will only get what you pay – no less, and no more.

  1. What Type of Motor Coach Do You Have?

Motor coach, or coach has different types of vehicles. There are party buses, minibusses, tour buses, and standard coaches. All of these types also offer various amenities and seating capacity. Here are the following details:

  • Standard or Charter Coaches: It can accommodate up to 60 passengers or less. The most famous seating options are 47, 55, and 56 seats. It has a built-in toilet room, WIFI, TVs, DVD players, and air conditioning
  • Minibusses: It can accommodate up to 35 passengers or less. Also, the most requested sitting options are 18, 20, and 25 seats. It has reclining chairs, TVs, and DVD players as well
  • Party Buses: It can accommodate up to 50 passengers or less, and the most famous sitting option is 14, 20, and 28 passengers. It is usually used for stag and hen dos since they can alter the seats to make room for games and dancing while on the road.
  1. Are You a Member of Any Rental Association?

Rental companies that are members of a reputable association are more guaranteed to give high-quality services. Booking and hiring for a service, which is legitimized by a reputable organization or association, will provide you with peace of mind on your wedding day.

  1. Do You Have Any Wedding Packages?

If the rental company specializes in this kind of event, probably they have deals and other promotions to offer for couples. Doing so can help you save a little more money for the wedding. Rental companies are most likely to offer a promotional discount if you hire multiple vehicles from them.

  1. chicago motor coachWho Is Responsible For Gas Expense? Or Do They Have a Fixed Amount of Free Miles and Gas?

Gas and mileage expenses vary depending on the rental company, and you must clarify it with them. If the hotel is far from the wedding ceremony, or if the ceremony is far from the reception venue, one rental company’s prices might not work, expect that other companies will also do.

  1. What Outfit the Driver Will Wear?

Well, it doesn’t matter, or it may matter if the driver wears formal clothing, but you can ask the rental company that, if possible, the driver shouldn’t show up wearing some cargo shorts and t-shirts.

  1. Can I See a Copy of the Insurance Certificate and Operating License?

To make sure that everything will go smoothly, ask the rental company if you can have or see a copy of their operating license and insurance certificate. Doing this can give you peace of mind that if anything bad happens along the road, you are not responsible for any damages.