Tips to maintain your car for a smooth usage

Maintenance of the car is as important as buying. Neglecting the maintenance of the car can cause it to be damaged soon and might require a complete overhaul. However, if you maintain your used cars in modesto properly, it would last longer and you would also save a lot of money. It is not necessary to visit the repair center everytime for your car. You can do the basic maintenance work by yourself. All you need is some basic tools and you are good to go. Now that you have the basic tools, here are some maintenance tips which you can do it yourself.

Checking the oil level

When the levelof oil in your car is right, you won’t be facing any problems. It is not necessary to get the oil checked in the service center only. You can perform the test yourself as well. All you need is a paper towel.You need to make the engine warm before the test. Drive the car for 15 minutes. After you turn off the car, check the engine’s oil dipstick by opening the hood. Take out the dipstick and clean it using the clean paper towel. Then, put it back. To check the oil level, red the level of the oil by removing the dipstick. If the level of oil is below the desired range, you need to add the prescribed oil into the engine. Keep adding the oil until it reaches the desired level.

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Inspection of Tires

Tires are one of the basic support of the car. Damage to the tire can cause damage to the car. Inflation is a sign of a damaged tire. It is important to repair the car in case of any signs so that there is no damage to the car and yourself. You need to check the tire pressure. If the tire is underinflated, the car would not get the required grip and is likely to skit. The condition of tires worsens in chilly weathers. Check for tears and rips in the tires. Sidewall damage to the tire can cause it to blowout while high speeding. Also, check the depth of the tire. It the tread of the tire is less than 2/32”, you need to replace it with a new tire.


You can perform these maintenance work by yourself without requiring much help. If you find that any problem requires immediate treatment, you should not delay and take your car to the service center at once.