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How To Assess The Condition Of A Used Car

Purchasing a used car can seem like an overwhelming task. There are a lot of factors to consider, from the initial purchase price to the innumerable nuances that you may not notice until the time of sale. If you’re buying used cars in tucson and want to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future, then its best that you take precautions and assess the condition of any vehicle before making a purchase.

Here are tips to assess the condition of a used car:

Test Drive

Every car has a different sound, feel and even smell. Before you make your purchase, take the time to test-drive the vehicle so you can experience its behavior in all conditions.

Carfax or Other Vehicle History Report

While a Carfax report isn’t the only way to assess a car’s condition, it certainly can provide some useful information about the vehicle’s history.

Get a Second Opinion before Purchasing

If you’re unsure about a used car’s condition, then get another professional involved so you can understand the true state of the vehicle before purchasing it.

Inspect the Car

Before unloading the vehicle, spend a few minutes inspecting its exterior and interior. Have you noticed any scratches, dents or other blemishes?

Inspect for Blemishes and Signs of Undercarriage Damage

Try to look for signs of damage underneath the vehicle by looking at the wheels, suspension, and undercarriage.

Inspect the Engine Bay and Exhaust Pipe

This is where people have had a lot of trouble finding problems with used vehicles. Some people think they are just looking at the engine, but in reality, they may have missed signs of an exhaust leak.

Inspect the Interior

Have a look at the seat and carpeting. Do you notice any rips or stains? How about leaks on the headliner and ceiling?

Inspect for Signs of a Faulty Airbag System

There have been a lot of cases in recent years where airbags have been installed improperly, and they can cause serious injury to the vehicle’s passenger in the event of an accident – especially if it’s manufactured before 1997. Look for the evidence.

Check for Damage on the Door, Trunk and Tailgate

Check for any dents, chips or other areas of damage around these parts of the vehicle. They can be signs that the vehicle was in a minor accident previously.